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In the mid 1970s,“Wild and Wonderful” became a popular welcome slogan for West Virginia. Pleased with its catchiness, former State Commerce Director Lysander Dudley believed the phrase delightfully described residents’ feelings about their home state.  Appearing on everything from brochures to welcome signs and license plates, this immortal slogan has branded West Virginia a place of hidden, untamed beauty.

Abundant in rolling hills, rocky gorges, and rushing rivers, West Virginia has become a rich playground for outdoor enthusiasts.  People from around the world visit to scale its gorges and raft its rapids.  Many also find solace in quiet fishing from a riverbank or hiking on one of the state’s numerous trails.  In doing so, these enthusiasts become connected with nature.  Simultaneously, the state’s unique geography safeguards a countless variety of plant and animal species.  Visitors and residents are reminded that life thrives silently in our lush ecosystems as they are blessed with sightings of the brightly colored cardinal, the great rhododendron, and even the reclusive black bear.

In 2020, West Virginia’s New River Gorge became the state’s first national park, thus gaining national recognition as a place of wild and wonderful beauty.  With this new accolade, the state extends its welcome, inviting visitors and residents to be continually captivated by all things wild.

To celebrate our wild things, the David L. Dickirson gallery is inviting artists to submit original 2D and 3D artwork for consideration in our West Virginia Wild Things exhibit.  This exhibition is for Tamarack juried artisans only and will be curated internally. All work must abide by gallery guidelines and be eligible for sale. For inspiration or questions please contact us today at (304) 256-6843 Ext. 170 or at mlash@tamarackwv.com We look forward to seeing your entries!

Image Submission Deadline: Feb 18, 2023
Decision Notifications (sent via email) Feb 20-21 2023
Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work:  March 6, 2023
Exhibition Opening: March 18th, 2023

Application Process

  1. Ensure your entries comply with our Gallery Guidelines, which are available by request.
  2. Sign in, or create an account below.  
  3. Enter name, address, and contact information in the provided text boxes below.
  4. Upload images of up to six (6) entries below. Multiple images of each entry are permissible for the purpose of showing fine details. Image submissions must be in .JPEG format.   Image submissions must be in .JPEG format. Image submissions should be 300ppi and no larger than 2400x3000 pixels.  Please name the file of each image that you are uploading with your last name and the title of the work, separated by an underscore. Example: "Lastname_Title". *Keep in mind that if your works are selected these are the images we use in our marketing and promotional materials, the better the photo is the more likely it is to be accepted and used to promote the exhibition!*
  5. Be sure to include a title, medium, price, dimensions, and a brief description in the corresponding text boxes.
  6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Submittable service if your application has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt, please contact the gallery office.
  7. Decision notifications will be distributed via Submittable by 2/20-21/2023. Delivery of accepted work(s) will then be scheduled accordingly.

We are eager to see your entries.

Mandy Lash, Gallery Director
Will Radford, Gallery Assistant