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Known as “windows of the soul”, eyes have long been symbols of knowledge, foresight, power, and protection.  Across many cultures, both ancient and modern, eyes are considered portals for knowledge, providence, and divine direction. Ancient myths associate them with higher vision, higher clairvoyance, and consider an eye to be an emblem of protecting power. 

In Egyptian Mythology the Eye of Horace represented the moon while the Eye of Sut represented the sun.  In India, the Eye of Siva is an “all seeing eye”. During the Renaissance, the eye symbolized magic, and later was a symbol of God’s omniscience for Free Masons. On today’s dollar bill, the eye is seen as a protective force and called the Eye of Providence.  

Surrealists after WWI were fascinated by the eye and saw it as a portal between the inner subjective self and the external world.  The eye was a featured subject in artworks such as Rene Magritte’s The False Mirror, and Eye by M.C. Escher.  One surrealist proprietor described the eye featured in The False Mirror as something that “sees as much as it is seen”. 

Most people, no matter the time period, could agree that the eye is a wonderous object.  Ever inspirational for artists, it is a natural camera designed to gain knowledge through observation and reveal knowledge as it conveys emotion through expression. It truly is an object that sees everything around it, and it is an object that is seen by onlookers as something mysterious, revelatory, and full of insight. 

 Tamarack Marketplace is seeking unique eye-themed artwork to display in the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery.  Work may be either 2D or 3D, and it may highlight literal, figurative, or abstract representations of eyes. This exhibition is for Tamarack juried artisans only and will be curated internally. All work must abide by gallery guidelines and be eligible for sale. For inspiration or questions please contact us today at (304) 256-6843 Ext. 151 or 170 or also at mlash@tamarackwv.com or wradford@tamarackwv.com We look forward to seeing your entries!

Image Submission Deadline: 7/9/23

Decision Notifications (sent via submittable): 7/13-7/15/23

Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: 8/9/23

Exhibition Opening: 8/19/23

Application Process

  1. Ensure your entries comply with our Gallery Guidelines, which are available by request.
  2. Sign in, or create an account below.  
  3. Enter name, address, and contact information in the provided text boxes below.
  4. Upload images of up to six (6) entries below. Multiple images of each entry are permissible for the purpose of showing fine details. Image submissions must be in .JPEG format.   Image submissions must be in .JPEG format. Image submissions should be 300ppi and no larger than 2400x3000 pixels.  Please name the file of each image that you are uploading with your last name and the title of the work, separated by an underscore. Example: "Lastname_Title". *Keep in mind that if your works are selected these are the images we use in our marketing and promotional materials, the better the photo is the more likely it is to be accepted and used to promote the exhibition!*
  5. Be sure to include a title, medium, price, dimensions, and a brief description in the corresponding text boxes.
  6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Submittable service if your application has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt, please contact the gallery office.
  7. Decision notifications will be distributed via Submittable by 7/13-15/2023. Delivery of accepted work(s) will then be scheduled accordingly.

We are eager to see your entries.

Mandy Lester, Exhibition Manager


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